A XFR Financial Ltd’s Guide For Online CFD Trading


Our guide to Online CFD trading is aimed at educating you on the basic concepts of CFD trading, an overview and benefits of online CFD trading.  As compared to many traditional forms of financial trading, CFDs help investors to hold a position on future price movements over more than 10000 financial instruments. Those who work on other jobs on a full time basis can take the advantage of working part time on CFDs with XFR Financial Ltd and carry out the trade. Therefore the demand for higher access and more flexible trading hours are well served by the best online CFD trading platforms. Continue reading →

Another look at Wealth Management


The term wealth management is often thought of as usually just managing one’s savings and keeping track of budgeting and accounts. However, investment also falls under wealth management, and is often confused as a term used when you will be spending a large amount of money on a high risk, high reward operation. This is untrue.

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Ways to Avoid Car Insurance Fraud


Generally speaking, car insurance fraud occurs when a person or entity makes false insurance claims in order to benefit financially, obtaining compensation or benefits that they are not entitled to. Did you know that you can commit car insurance fraud by accident or become prey in a fraud perpetrated by another individual? Yes, while auto insurance fraud is more popular in its more egregious forms, an innocent mistake when filling out paperwork may be considered fraud.

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Credit Card and Personal: A Tale of Two Loans


Before the advent of credit cards, consumers could rely on personal loans to access shot term credits relatively easy. But what exactly is the persona loans? It starts by borrowing a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time. What differentiates one loan from another are the interest rate and fees. This type of financial product was never too exciting for the banks because its nature is simple, transparent with expected gains. And then the credit card hit the stage.

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Five Reasons To Get Car Insurance



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Car insurance seems like an extra cost that insurance companies add on to take more money from you. In fact, as many as one out of seven car owners forgo insurance because they cannot be bothered with the cost. No matter how insignificant it seems you never realise the consequences until you find yourself in a jam and need a way out. If you are on the fence and don’t know whether to go for insurance or not, here are five reasons you should get your car insured.

It’s The Law

And breaking the law is not what you want to be doing. No matter what part of the world you call home, driving uninsured incurs either massive fine and community service or even jail time, depending on the severity of the situation. Okay, you might never be in a car accident in your life, so you may never get caught. However, all it takes is a police officer to notice that your insurance has expired, or there is no sticker on your vehicle and you will soon find yourself on the way to the cop shop.

It Gives You Peace Of Mind

There is no doubt you are a capable driver, but there are plenty of other drivers who are not. All it takes is for one of these bad drivers to crash into you, and you are in plenty of troubles; you don’t have to do anything wrong. Still, even if you are in the right car insurance is essential. All you have to do is ring them, and they will guide you through the process, or they will pay out for you if the other party doesn’t have insurance. There are millions of road traffic claims every year and insurance gives you peace of mind that you won’t go uncompensated if anything does happen.

It Saves Time And Hassle

Accidents happen and you need the expertise of your insurance company when they occur. Working with another person’s insurance company is a complicated and extremely difficult process, and you would be very naïve to do it on your own. Plus, insurance companies can help you find a repair shop and settle the problem as quickly and as fairly as possible.

It Saves You Money In The Long Term

It might cost you in the short term, but car insurance saves you money if the worst does happen. There are millions of accidents every year, and unfortunately you could be one of them. If you don’t have car insurance, you are the one who has to pay for the damage. So, if it comes out of your pocket, it is going to cost you a lot more than your insurance premium every year.

Supplements Health Insurance

If you don’t have sufficient health insurance, car insurance can help you out if you are injured in a car accident. Some policies cover dental work, rehabilitation and funeral costs for your family.

It might seem like another ploy, but car insurance is essential especially if you find yourself in a car accident that wasn’t your fault.


What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Life Insurance?


Life is packed full of difficult decisions, and whether to take out a life insurance policy is one of the biggest and most difficult. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of taking out a life insurance policy.


No one likes to think about what might happen should they die. But it’s the kind of thing that you should give some thought to. So, what are the main benefits of having life insurance cover? For me, the main reason for getting life insurance is the peace of mind it provides you with. You won’t need to be worrying about how your family will cope after you’ve gone because you know they’ll get some money to take care of themselves with. This money will never be enough stop the grief, but it can make the whole process a lot easier for them.

A lot of policies also give an option that allows money to be paid out in the event of the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Again, you don’t want to think about something like that happening to you, but having the money to ease the situation can be really help if that’s what happens.

Taking out a policy doesn’t have to cost the Earth either. If you shop around and compare as many deals as possible, you’ll be able to find yourself a good deal. If you’re looking to take out other forms of insurance policy too, you could save even more money by opting for combined insurance. This means your policies will be bundled together.


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There are some drawbacks to take into consideration before you make a final decision on the policy though. Life insurance isn’t necessarily a good idea for everyone; it depends on your individual circumstances. For example, life insurance is made much more costly if you have a pre-existing medical condition. The insurance company will want to assess you and then they’ll decide if they want to offer you a policy and at what price. If you’re in a high-risk group, the costs will be higher.

Your family might not need the money either. If you are already relatively asset rich, that can be passed on to your family in the event of your death. This means that an insurance policy could be a waste of money for you. It’s a better option for people who don’t have much to pass on to their relatives. And if you don’t have any children, a policy is probably a waste of time for you.

You should also think about if you can afford to pay the monthly costs involved in taking out an insurance policy. It can be expensive, and you don’t want to be struggling to get by just because you want to pay for the policy. A lot of people would argue that life is for living and life insurance is a poor way to use your money while you are alive.


Like a lot of financial matters, your decision is entirely dependent on your own circumstances and concerns. If you don’t have much to pass on to your family and are worried about how they will get by should you pass on, life insurance could be a good idea.

How Much Should You Spend On a New Car?


Are you in the market for a new car? Whether you’re upgrading to a new vehicle or buying your first car, shopping for a new car can often be a stressful and challenging experience.

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The Essential Guide to Insurance for First-Time Landlords


There are so many people deciding to become landlords for the first time nowadays. But the ones that succeed will be the ones that get everything right – including the insurance. Here’s your guide to landlord insurance.


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What You Need

Every landlord needs landlord insurance. It’s not enough to get an ordinary home insurance policy; you need one that’s tailored specifically for landlords. If you have an ordinary policy and the something happens to the property, the insurer probably won’t pay out.

There are lots of landlord insurance policies out there so make sure you compare them to find the best. Below, I will discuss some of the essential cover that your policy should include. Remember, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better.


Every landlord insurance will cover your building. Your building is probably the most valuable asset you have, so it needs to be covered. Typical landlord insurance policies will cover damage to your property sustained in instances such as fires, floods and storms.

This is the very minimum you should expect from your landlord insurance policy. But read all the small print and make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect to from the policy. I wouldn’t recommend using a policy that only covered your building though, read on to find out what else you should have.


Contents insurance covers all the items in your home. This is especially important for landlords if you’re renting out a property that’s fully furnished. You’re going to be putting a lot of trust in the tenant, so it’s nice to have the peace of mind offered by contents insurance.

Even if you’re renting out an unfurnished property, it can be a good idea to have an insurance policy that covers contents. You’ll have light fixtures and doors in the property at the very least, and content insurance will cover these items.

Malicious Damage

No landlord wants to think about the possibility of having their property damaged by a tenant. These things do happen though, unfortunately. You can never fully trust a tenant if you don’t know them, so make sure you’re covered for malicious damage.

Another thing you should do is do your best to find good tenants. You could use a company like London2let to act as a middleman between you and the tenant. That way you’ll have more security. You should make sure you get references from potential renters too.

Loss of Rent

Being a landlord can be a precarious job. To start with, you’ll probably be heavily reliant on incoming rent to cover your mortgage costs. So, you’ll be in big trouble if, for some reason, you suffer a loss of rent.

A lot of policies will cover loss of rent. Cheaper policies won’ do though, that’s why you need to weigh up the pros and cons of every insurance policy before you take on out. If the tenant refuses to pay or the house becomes uninhabitable, this part of the policy will cover you.

Being a landlord can be a great way of making money, but you can only do that if you first get the right insurance in place.